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New Year, Slightly Different Me.

*CLINK* 2017 is Finally Here!

We have only just begun the new year but I challenge everyone to set small goals in bite sizes this first week/month, so you may ease into new habits. I have outlined #goals for the year with “bites” to get Josh and myself started. (Josh is the ‘Ol boyfriend, without joint resolutions to keep eachother accountable, it would be very difficult to accomplish anything). I hope you can use this as an outline for yourself!

Find a Home Church


  • Having a church to call your home support system has been pushed to the background since college. Brunch and sleeping in has wrongfully taken the priority for my Sunday mornings. Meeting new people, getting involved in the community, and learning something new, is important and a home church can open those doors!
  • *bite* This past weekend Josh and I did the research and have already chose where we want to attend this Sunday in Dallas!


0ppkxwtyh0g-clem-onojeghuoRead More

  • High school and college were filled with forced reading. Reading has been a chore and something forced upon me. Now that I am trying this whole “adulting” thing I may as well start reading for fun!
  • *nibble* This week I plan to get a library card, and give it a good workout this year.

Eat Better All the Timeuqs1802d0cq-katie-smith

  • I am guilty of having a drastically different weekend diet. This year I plan to make
    healthier choices everyday!
  • *gobble* The cookbooks collecting dust will be busted out for weekend meal planning. Josh and I have agreed to eat in more. (Which is so difficult on the weekend, but really anything will be an improvement from every meal out!) Check out this free PDF for Good and Cheap Meals

9is6e9qfcvy-rob-bye.jpgHave At Least 1 Active Date (Weekly)

  • The weekends are always a good excuse to be lazy and sleep in after a hard week. BUT, sleeping in and staying out late only make Monday even more difficult. Josh and I have challenged each other to have an active date at least once a weekend like going to play tennis, hiking, or running with Shiner.
  • *chomp* We dusted off the ‘ol tennis rackets and laced up our new sneakers for a fun match of tennis on Sunday. (I won btw)

More Thank You’s Less Sorries

  • Recently I read an article on how trading “I’m Sorry” with “Thank You!” can truly change your perspective of yourself and how others interact with you.
  • Finally DESSERT, this is a fun and easy (if you remember) initiative that I have already implemented this week multiple times.



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