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Upgrading From PB&J

Second week of home delivery food features Home Chef

So first, just a tiny complaint, you are unable to order food on Monday’s, so that just threw off the whole feng shui of my life. I received my meal the Thursday before Christmas weekend, so I left it in the fridge until I came back home ready to cook on Wednesday.

Packaging: the box is plain with little design. One thing I really liked was the simplicity in the packaging. Each meal was basically put into a gallon bag, excluding the meat. All of the sauces were put into tiny bottles that are reusable (and cute).


I jumped in my car right at noon. Once I made it home, I started boiling some water and started the timer. I had to beat to make it back to work in time. On the menu was an Asian dish: shrimp with tiger sauce, charred zucchini, and jasmine rice. 

*bad idea* I got to cooking right away. Please know as I type this my hands and arms are covered in tiny grease burns. I will now pre-read everything before jumping right in.

The tiger sauce was delicious, yet deadly to make. Adding all the ingredients into the sauce pan instead of premixing them was a bad idea. The oil and ginger are not friends. The ginger started popping out of the pan towards me and the pops were loud! Shiner (my doggo) and I were freaking out! I removed the pan from the heat, took a breather, then continued to cook. I’m glad I finished the recipe without burning down the house, because the results were incredible! So..that shrimp in the tiger sauce was delicious,  the jasmine rice was great, and the zucchini was okay.


So two days of rice, and I’m not even mad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am mad though because by the time I was ready to cook this (exactly one week after delivery), the meat did not look edible. Seriously, it was brown before I cooked it.

I cooked it anyways.

The sauce was savory and helped cover up the meat. The meat was probs fine, but I got into my own head and only ate half of it. The zucchini baked was so much better than pan-fried the day before.

The coconut rice was insane and blew my mind. 

I have never had/made coconut rice (I just started liking Asian food within the past year.) Seriously, check out the recipe just for that coconut rice. The sweet rice with green onion garnish made a delightful side dish.


So for the first time since starting this home delivery journey, I included Josh (the boyfriend). It was interesting cooking a complex meal together to say the least.

This was by far one of the most difficult recipes. There were many steps in the process of making the Cherry and Goat Cheese-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin. Making anything like this was a first for us. We kinda skipped the whole step about pounding the meat, so it was all one consistent thickness. When the meat was done cooking (which took forever because we did not follow instructions,) cutting it and attempting to make it look like the photos was a fun time.

The potatoes were mouth-wateringly delicious. They were boiled first and then mashed. After the potatoes were mashed together with some milk and butter, we then put them into small casserole dishes, brushed them with oil, and popped them in the oven. When the golden potatoes came out of the oven, they were melt-in-your-mouth dreamy.

So the thing about these carrots… attempting to slice carrots at a slanted angle is not as simple as it seems… I will have to work on that skill. Because of my lack of carrot slicing skills, when Josh cooked them they were burned on the outside and still raw on the inside…. maybe we will have better luck next time!


This week was packed with unpredictability when it came to these meals. The recipes were a little bit more advanced, and I did not feel like the products were as fresh as Hellofresh.(I cooked them later than expected so that may be the real problem here.) Stay tuned for the following weeks as I post about more home deliveries. After I have completed all the ones I want to try, there will be a more in-depth comparison with prices included. If there is anything that you feel I should go into more detail on to help with your decision, leave a comment!

If you want the recipes I tried for this blog click this link and go to the Home Chef folder!


2 thoughts on “Upgrading From PB&J

  1. As someone who loves you and is concerned for your well being, please remember my 3 day rule! Any meat/fish/poultry/leftovers in the fridge has to be prepared/eaten within 3 days. Plus-you need to follow the instructions exactly or you are cheating yourself of the real experience!!! Sorry you got burned-that stinks!!


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